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Spring Splash
Attention Spring Splash visiting families, teams and players:  Souvenir apparel items are available for pre-ordering now through Monday, May 28th, on our apparel site hosted by Traverse City-based Threads.  While we will have a limited number of t-shirts available during the tournament weekend, pre-ordering assures that your favorite player will get the exact item she wants.  Pre-ordered items will be available for pickup at your first tournament game.  Visit the Threads site here.
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2017 Spring Splash Recap

Dust Bowl !!!
Mother Nature Throws A Four-Seam Riseball At Splash Teams!

It looked like a scene out of a Steinbeck novel.  Dust storms whipping across the prairie...choking clouds of dirt making life hard on the forlorn inhabitants of the land...Ma and Pa thinking seriously of packing up the clan and perhaps heading west to where, surely, there would be relief from the hardships that Mother Nature wrought.  

No, this wasn't the opening chapter of the Grapes of Wrath (Tip:  Read the book before you see the movie...the book is riveting, the movie less so but still excellent).  This scene was straight from the fields of the Grand Traverse County Civic Center, and to a lesser degree the other sites around Traverse City where the Spring Splash was contested.  40- to 50-mph winds whipped sand around like the Oklahoma Dust Bowl of the 1930's and made life miserable at many times during the day Saturday.  On Sunday, things calmed down a bit and...wait for it....wait for it comes!.....WHEN THE DUST SETTLED, it was Traverse City's 231 Fusion Fastpitch (14U), Diamonds--Talsma (12U) and the Michigan Expos (10U) that captured Spring Splash titles.

The new-on-the-scene Expos outdueled Jason Hamilton's up-and-coming TC Thunder team to win the 10U title.  Congratulations, girls!

In the 12U division, the Diamonds got by the 12U Expos in the championship game.  In the consolation final, the 231 Fusion Fastpitch 12U squad topped the Michigan Rebels.

In 14U, the Fusion rode solid pitching and timely hitting to a championship game victory over the Mid-Michigan Heat.  In the consolation title game, Alpena's Thundercats overcame the TC Thunder 12U team for top honors.

THANK YOU to all of the teams and families that made the trip to Traverse City for the weekend.  Here's hoping for a bit of rain to tamp down the dust, 5- to 10-mph breezes, and more manageable fields in 2018!

2016 Spring Splash Recap

Whew! That Was A Close One!
Nailbiters in All Three Divisions!

The inaugural Spring Splash is in the books, and the division championships went to the very last outs before tournament title winners were crowned in the 10U, 12U and 14U divisions.

The closest contest was in the 10U division, where #1 seeds clashed in the final game.  The Romeo-based Batbusters 10U team battled back from a 7-1 deficit to edge the Northville Broncos, 8-7.  Down 7-5 in the bottom of the sixth and final inning, the Batbusters strung together several hits and used some deft baserunning to score the tiebreaking run with two outs, setting off a wild celebration on the Batbusters side of the field.  Both teams played extremely well, and both teams seem poised for a great summer of softball!

In the 12U division, the Port Huron Predators put together a stellar playoff run, capped by a 6-3 victory over the MSA Renegades in the title game.  Once again, both teams battled hard but the Predators combination of timely hitting and solid pitching made the difference.  Way to go, ladies!

In 14U, the Michigan Sabercats raced out to a huge lead and then held on as 231 Fusion came roaring back in the late innings of the title contest.  The Fusion's rally stalled just a bit short, and the talented Sabercats squad earned the title trophy with an 11-9 win.  Great job by both teams!

THANK YOU to all of the teams who made the trip to Traverse City for the start of the summer tournament series.

**A special thanks to the coaches of the Port Huron Predators who chipped in to help fix a mucky field situation on Saturday morning following an intense Friday downpour...very much appreciated, guys!


2018 Spring Splash
June 9-10, 2018

The Spring Splash is a fun two-day early season tournament for teams in the 10U, 12U and 14U age divisions.  It's a great way for teams to transition from school to summer and get a jump start on the main softball season.

 Thank you to the Great Wolf Lodge for  sponsoring the 2018 Waves Summer Softball Series!  Visiting teams:  Contact Zac Malewitz at 231-534-9074 or to reserve rooms for the tournament weekends.


Players from the TC Thunder 14U and Alpena Thundercats teams mug for the camera following the 14U consolation bracket final, won by the Thundercats.  Congratulations to both teams on a great tournament!

Players on the 12U field enjoy a lovely June day, a soft breeze fluttering the leaves on the trees and providing a pleasant backdrop to a beautiful Michigan day....NOT!!!!  It was AWFUL out there!  45-mph gusts stirred up enough dust that a 1930's Okie would have felt right at home.  Hopefully never again....

Spring Splash Tournament Award Winners
 2017 Division  Champion  Runner-Up 
  10U   Michigan Expos TC Thunder 
  12U Diamonds  Michigan Expos 
  14U 231 Fusion   Mid-Michigan Heat

 2016 Division  Champion Runner-Up 
   10U Batbusters  Northville Broncos 
   12U Port Huron Predators  MSA Renegades 
   14U Michigan Sabercats  231 Fusion 

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